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As Yu Narukami returns to visit Inaba for Golden Week, he and Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi witness a commercial on the Midnight Channel for a fighting tournament, the "P-1 Grand Prix", hosted by what appears to be their friend Teddie. The tournament not only involves them, but also their companions Kanji Tatsumi and Naoto Shirogane. With their friends Rise Kujikawa, Kanji and Teddie missing, and Naoto absent, Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko decide to reassemble the Investigation Team and search for answers. The following day, they enter the TV, only to find themselves separated and stuck in a place resembling Yasogami High School (In Kanji's case, he accidentally fell into the TV world earlier but believes the tournament is a dream). At the same time, some of the former members of SEES, Mitsuru, Akihiko and Aigis, now part of the Shadow Operatives, an organization formed after the events of Persona 3 FES that battles Shadows, tracks one of their anti-Shadow weapons that went missing when Mitsuru's plane was hijacked, Labrys, down to Yasoinaba and enter the TV world, joined by Naoto in close pursuit, who was hired by public safety to spy on the Kirijo group. As a result, they become involved in the P-1 Grand Prix as well. [41] During the tournament, both groups are forced to fight each other as they see illusions of their friends acting aggressive, while an impersonator of Teddie named General Teddie serves as the host and an impersonator of Rise provides commentary for the fights, with the real ones getting trapped inside the TV world prior to the competition. [42][43] They also meet a mysterious girl without a Persona who entered the TV world that claims to be the student council president of Yasogami High, and suspect her Shadow is responsible for the tournament. Additionally, an unknown entity starts tricking fighters into believing he is their Shadows. [44] During the fights, Yu and Aigis also meet a woman named Elizabeth who wishes to test their skills with their ability known as the Wild Card in order to obtain a new power. [45]

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